August 31, 2010

WELCOME BACK!!!   Welcome Week is well on its way and any walk through campus in the evening will display the Welcome Week shenanigans to any passers-by.  Last night had quite a party scene indeed!

Enjoying some delectable beverages and some hookah puffs, the party was an eclectic mix of ages and personalities.  The music that accompanied the mood on the porch outside set a very unique mood unlike the larger parties seen at Fraternity houses.  The music kept changing genres and everyone present simply slipped into whatever mood the random DJs set.  However, there was one song that kept being requested while everyone was dancing on the porch’s parapet.  Cee-Lo’s viral hit Fuck You! Boy, does that song make a party explode with fun!

Now, the stage is set.  Lots of drinks, exciting music, and people dancing on a narrow ledge with bushes below.  Lo and behold, I hear everyone grimacing… I look to my right… and I see legs and underwear sticking out of the shrubbery.  Meanwhile everyone is rushing to make sure the porch’s first victim is okay.  She’s alright!  But she’s upset… but I’m still laughing… because people falling (and drunk people falling off a porch ledge into bushes) is really fuckin’ funny!

And it’s only Tuesday of Welcome Week.

Welcome Back, Wolverines!  Welcome Back!


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