“You Don’t Have a Stop Sign!”

August 26, 2010

While walking to meet some friends at Good Time Charley’s for some lunch (they just redid their menu… their burgers are delich!) I came upon an awkward cross walk.  Now I’ve been crossing the odd angled intersection of Tappan and Oakland Avenue for over a year now and certainly have come to learn that drivers on Tappan do not have a stop sign.  I’ll admit, I have walked in front of a car or two thinking they would stop.  (Don’t worry, they did even without the stop sign.)

Yet, during my walk across the intersection, I encountered a disgruntled man on the other side of the cross walk.  Why was he disgruntled you might ask?  It’s because the car had stopped at the crosswalk, due to the other car blocking the intersection, and waved him to cross.

This man vehemently refused to cross the cross walk, loudly repeating to himself, “You don’t have a stop sign!  GO!”  The driver must have been so confused by the rejection of this random act of kindness (not really, the car had nowhere to go due to the blocked intersection.)  However, the man did not at all notice the other car in the intersection.

To really show his disgust with this son-of-a-bitch nice driver, the man unabashedly shook his head while he walked up the sidewalk so that he could pass behind the car that waved him on.

I’ve never seen a pedestrian at uMich refuse the ability to cross the crosswalk… usually pedestrians here just cross for the hell-of-it!  I can only wonder how badly that guy’s day was ruined by this driver’s inability to just keep on truckin’

Come on, man!  WTF is wrong with you?


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