Oakland Avenue Hooligans!

August 9, 2010

Anyone present on Oakland Avenue earlier this morning (0420-0445) between Arch and East University were in for quite some entertainment.  Now, I happen to appreciate the liveliness of this college town and appreciate noises outside my window late at night… It makes me feel like Ann Arbor never sleeps!  But last night got me up from bed and peering out my window wide-eyed.

Numerous, loud male voices were rampant.  Peering out my window I observed 10 or so swearing, yelling, and even crying.  One removed his shirt.  Many of them began picking up rocks from golf ball size to basketball size and throwing them at the opposition cursing them away.  Obscenities were being thrown along with the rocks and one even wielded a long metal pole.  As it calmed down and the group walked away, another one came running back crying out loud, “I swear to god!  I swear to god!”  When the group approached, he panicked, to which they responded, “Na, man.  We got your back!”

At this point, more rocks were picked up, and the group of 10 or so moved back toward East University.

I heard by other eye witness accounts that the rocks were being aimed at someone’s car, and that soon enough the hooligans were dispersed by police.

I really do wonder if there was any real reason for this (quite entertaining) brawl, or if it was just alcohol and testosterone… either way the only real question I have is…




  1. “Peering out my window I observed 10 or so swearing, yelling, and even crying. One removed his shirt. ”

    Sounds like a classic episode of Cops. I can’t wait for my day to take summer classes at The University of Michigan.

  2. put up some new posts. i love your site!!!

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