Michigan… Daily?

August 8, 2010

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been taking three summer classes here at the University of Michigan.  For those of you not from Ann Arbor, I highly encourage you to spend a summer in this whimsical city… there aren’t many like it!  Furthermore, although many dismiss summer classes as “sucking” since they are during the ever lackadaisical summer months, they are quite relaxing and seemingly more educational due to their laid back approach.  But I digress…

As I wander the campus, I keep encountering The Michigan Daily in its colored print format.  However, I’ve noticed that they only ever say Monday.  With a little curiosity I learned that during the summer, they only print once a week.  I suppose this makes sense due to the lack of demand with the low student count, but I couldn’t help but point out the irony here.  Not only do they print once a week during the summer, but, as many may surely know, they do not print on Saturday or Sunday during the Fall and Winter semesters as well.  Alas, I come to my point… Why the hell are they titled The Michigan “Daily?”

Print EVERY DAY and you may be called the “Daily” anything.  But print once a week and “weekly” seems more appropriate.  During the school year, perhaps they could use the title “The Michigan Week Day”… “Monday through Friday”… or “No One Reads On Weekends!”

Anywhoo… Here is my first critique of the vivacious Michigan Daily… Lesson:  Always critique your media informants and never be afraid to give ’em shit!  Take it Easy!

Keep it real, Wolverines!


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